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The Aesthetic Movement

Presentation Just like each other region in life that has developments which advocates for the privileges of individuals who have bought in to the development, the idea of workmanship additionally has its own development which is known as the tasteful movement.Advertising We will compose a custom article test on The Esthetic Movement explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More The fundamental beliefs that administer this development have no exacting definition with the development incorporating the different craftsmanship fields like metalwork, woodwork, compelling artwork, writing and materials. The contention that was fronted by this development was that workmanship was not set up or didn't appear to be valuable in the functional observation however rather was intended to be a free or self-sufficient piece of human life which should be permitted to exist autonomously thusly. The faction of excellence then again is a display that is one of its sort which wants to exhibit the different kinds of aesthetic nature in different pieces of the world and furthermore looks to show that craftsmanship is an integral part of the everyday life. This conversation takes a top to bottom gander at this show while it is breaking down its structure and substance. Key Characters of the Esthetic Movement According to pioneers of the stylish development craftsmanship required not be instructional. This implies workmanship need not fill a specific need yet it just should be excellent. There was a great deal of accentuation most definitely. The workmanship from Japan is said to have enormously impacted the development of aestheticism. The faction of magnificence was accordingly an idea that was created by people of good taste who considered excellence to be the essential component in craftsmanship. The key qualities of the tasteful development include: Using images enormously Making recommendations as opposed to offering expressions Sensuality Ensuring that there is rhyme between shading, words and music. Taking a gander at different pieces that have been made by different craftsmen, they are enlivened by different subjects which incorporate writing, impact from Japan, wood that has been ebonized, porcelain and stoneware. The tasteful development extraordinarily impacted dress, enrichment and what is considered as way of life today. Aslin (1981) indicates:Advertising Looking for exposition on workmanship and structure? How about we check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More â€Å"Artists and authors of the Esthetic development time frame kept up the conviction that workmanship ought to give refined exotic delight, as opposed to pass on good or nostalgic messages. They accepted that craftsmanship didn't have any educational reason; it need just be beautiful.† This presentation additionally encourages us value the way that workmanship has progressed significantly back in the days when not all that numerous ind ividuals truly comprehended what workmanship was about until the current when displays, for example, this would now be able to be held. The presentation has really been separated into four unique stages to show how workmanship has experienced transformation throughout the years to get to where it is today. This presentation along these lines gives a genuine recorded point of view of the sort of development that craftsmanship has experienced. Workmanship and its development has affected and been impacted by different parts of life including governmental issues. This presentation tries to perceive the individuals who have been instrumental in get changes the nation through their political will to cause changes in the discernment that individuals had beforehand about craftsmanship (Wilson 1989). Acknowledgment should likewise be given to the way that the Royal Academy, thinking back to the 1800s contributed to a great extent to the development of workmanship by urging individuals to co mmunicate their thoughts through craftsmanship. Socially, this presentation assists individuals with valuing the different societies that the world grasps and the uniqueness of each culture. It is unmistakably that each culture has something to exhibit and this should most ideal be through craftsmanship. It is likewise a learning experience for some individuals who get the opportunity to encounter quick hand the way of life of other people.Advertising We will compose a custom article test on The Esthetic Movement explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More The way of life of magnificence started recapturing acknowledgment in the mid 1800s with pioneers, for example, Gabriel Rosetti, James McNeil and Edward Burne investigating all thoughts and ideas that encompassed the excellence of a lady. Afterward, the possibility of excellence was to be stretched out past that of a lady and this saw the way of life of magnificence develop into inside structure and engineering. This sa w a coordinated efforts between specialists in these two fields. Whistler who was a planner and Godwin who was fashioner team up in the structure of the current day White House just as furniture which was utilized back in the days and today also (Thackara 1988). It is after this that the individuals who were acceptable in painting and brushing painting and improvement of houses drew out an ideal result which pulled in countless individuals including the individuals who were at first contradicted to the thought (Zukowski 2006). These individuals were on incredible interest at the time as the well off who needed to have their homes enriches constantly drew in their administrations at a strong expense. Organizations in the assembling of furniture at the time understood that they could make a kill by recruiting this individuals and by then craftsmanship had just increased wide acknowledgment. It is during the last rule of Queen Victoria that the stylish development picked up one more pl ume on its top. This is when drawings were likewise included to turn out to be a piece of the incredible works of expressions. While extraordinary advancement has been made since the stylish development was first settled, it must perceived that the development of this development was not without a considerable amount of difficulties. The different periods that presentation is isolated onto dependent on sequence is an unmistakable sign that it has not generally been a smooth ride for this development that is currently perceived as perhaps the best development of the time.Advertising Searching for paper on workmanship and structure? How about we check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Find out More Pictures to be shown Every year the way of life of magnificence exhibits different pictures and this year is the same. One of the pictures is ‘Bocca Baciata’ Dante Gabriel Rossetti which is perhaps the best show-stopper at any point done by Dante Gabriel Rosette. Rosetti was one of the pioneers of workmanship and carried an entirely different significance to painting which was provocative as well as sexy also. This incredible bit of workmanship was done in 1859 in London. It will be an ideal method to think about where craftsmanship originated from and how it has progressed throughout the years. (Laumbrone 1996; Parker and Pollock 1981). ‘Bocca Baciata’ Dante Gabriel Rossetti London 1859 Oil on board Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Call I follow, let me kick the bucket is one more picture that will be displayed in religion of magnificence. This picture was finished by Julia Margaret Cameron back in the year 1867 in London. It is a representation that is unpredic table which shows Mary Hiller who was a house cleaner of a parlor in Cameron. Mary Hiller is appeared as courageous woman who accomplished her status grievously having a place with the legend of Arthurian. The title of this representation is drawn from the sonnet of Tennyson, Idylls of the King. With the showcase of this pictures individuals will have a chance to mirror the fluctuating practices and rules that manages the schools that train in craftsmanship. They will likewise be in a superior situation to make correlations on the different changes that drawing has experienced from the nineteenth century to introduce day (Aslin 1981). â€Å"Call, I follow, I follow, let me die!’ Julia Margaret Cameron London 1867 Conclusion Art has come a serious long way. It may not show up so today, yet the pioneers of what we are glad for as craftsmanship took on extraordinary conflicts to carry workmanship to where it is today. It was difficult however it was tied in with persuading the remainder of the world that it was something worth focusing. The association of the clique of magnificence is incredible sign of the extraordinary advances that craftsmanship as a viewpoint has made to come this far. It is along these lines significant for the individuals who can go to this display to do so this and every single year. There is continually something new and remarkable and this offers individuals a chance to realize what they didn't have a clue and furthermore give a knowledge to new thoughts that individuals had not thought of. The tasteful development was a good thought and the clique of excellence was a considerably more noteworthy thought whose planning was great. It would have not come at a superior time. With the way of life of magnificence individuals are presently ready to increase an inside and out understanding where the different kinds of excellence that ladies embellish started from. From trimmings, to their sort of dressing to how they wear their hair all can be followed back to the pioneers of the stylish development. This display likewise perceives the incredible endeavors of the individuals who have carried craftsmanship to where it is currently. References Aslin, E. (1981) The tasteful development: preface to Art Nouveau. California: Excalibur Books. Laumbrone, L. (1996) The Esthetic Movement. Michigan, Phaidon. Parker, R. what's more, Pollock, G. (1981). Old Mistresses: Women, Art and Ideology. London: Routledge Kegan Paul. Thackara, J. (1988) Introduction Design After Modernism London: Thames and Hudson. Wilson, E. (1989) Through The Looking Glass: A History of Dress from 1860-present. London: BBC Book. Zukowski, K. (2006) Creating the guileful home: the tasteful development. New York: Gibbs Smith. This paper on The Esthetic Movement was composed and put together by client Raul C. to help you with your own investigations. You are allowed to utilize it for research and reference purposes so as to compose your own paper; in any case, you should refer to it as needs be. You can give your paper here.

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How to Cite the Gettysburg Address

How to Cite the Gettysburg Address (0) In November of 1863, at the height of the American Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln delivered one of the most well-known speeches in history. Though it only lasted two minutes, the Gettysburg Address eloquently expressed the pressing need to instill the principle of human equality in a divided nation. To celebrate President Abraham Lincoln this President’s Day, let’s take a look at how to cite his most famous speech in MLA, APA, and Chicago. To cite an address/speech, properly, you must identify the following pieces of information: Speaker first and last name Editor’s name, if there is one Speech title Date speech was given If Found in a Book: Book title (where speech was found) Book author’s first and last name Publisher of the book Year the book was published City and state of publisher Page range where the speech/address was found If Found in an Online Transcript: Title of the article Title of the Webpage (if different from the article) Speech location Publisher of the article Date article was published URL of the website that the article was retrieved from Use the following structure to cite the Gettysburg Address in MLA style: Formula if Found in a Book Speaker Last Name, First Name. “Speech Title.” Year Given. Book Title, by Author First Name Last Name, Publisher, Year Published. MLA Example: Lincoln, Abraham. “The Gettysburg Address.” 1863. America’s Most Famous Speeches, by Dale Salwak, Random House, 1984. Formula if in an Online Transcript Speaker Last Name, First Name. “Speech Title.” Year Given. Title of Article, Publisher, Date Published, URL. MLA Example: Lincoln, Abraham. “The Gettysburg Address.” 1863. The Story of Abraham Lincoln, The National Archives, 10 Jan. 2017, Use the following structure to cite the Gettysburg Address in APA style: Formula if Found in a Book Speech title.  (Year Book Published). In Editor Initial. Last Name (Ed.), Book title (pp. x-x). City, State: Publisher. Example APA Book Citation: The Gettysburg address. (1984). In F. Ballard (Ed.), Americas great speeches (pp. 43-45). New York, NY: Random House. Formula in an Online Transcript Author’s Last name, F.M. (Year page published). Title of the article or individual page [Format]. Retrieved from URL Example: Lincoln, A. (2017). The Gettysburg address [Transcript]. Retrieved from Use the following structure to cite the Gettysburg Address in Chicago style format: Formula in a Book Speaker Last Name, First Name. “Speech Title.” Year Given. In Book Title, edited by Editor First Name Last Name. City/State: Publisher, Year Published. Example: Lincoln, Abraham. The Gettysburg Address. 1863. In America’s Most Famous Speeches, edited by Frank Ballard. New York: Random House, 1984. Formula if Found in an Online Transcript Speaker Last Name, First Name. “Speech Title.” Speech, Location, Date Given. “Webpage Title,” Website Title. Accessed Date. URL. Example: Lincoln, Abraham. Gettysburg Address. Speech, Gettysburg, PA, November 19, 1863. “American Speeches”, National Archives. Accessed January 7, 2017. For more help with citing, in text citations, creating an APA cover page, and more, try ’s citation tools.

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Animal Rights A Case For Animal Intelligence - 1217 Words

Animal Rights: A Case for Animal Intelligence Starting in the 17th century, enlightenment philosophers contemplated animal consciousness and its subsequent implications on animal rights. Descartes viewed animals as a modern-day machine: organic beings that only act instinctually. Thus, Descartes critically distinguished humans and animals based on their respective capacity for reason: since animals supposedly lack the ability to learn, they forego fundamental human rights. However, animal mind philosophy gradually shifted towards the end of the 19th century as Charles Darwin recorded notes of various species around the world. For example, Darwin observed an earthworm consuming leaves in an intelligent, non-instinctual way that, to him,†¦show more content†¦So, Cartesian Dualism offers an empirical and partially objective way to measure animals, and will be the basis for a contemporary test to assess an animal’s abilities. Clearly, animal intelligence clearly cannot be measured simply, since each animal must be in spected individually to assess its competency. Therefore, animals should be considered intelligent if they meet a majority of the following requirements: an ability to communicate and understand, self-consciousness, high relative size of brain to body mass (= ~2% of total mass), an ability to solve new problems using reasoning without relying on instinct, a desire to seek pleasure and avoid pain, and an ability to act empathetically. Of course, there will always exist animals that almost meet these requirements, but do not quite fulfill a majority, so animal intelligence must be viewed in terms of relative intelligence. Ultimately, although some animals today lack a mind capable of creating solutions to novel problems and sensing oneself (self-consciousness), several animals today, including dolphins, parrots, and chimpanzees, meet these requirements to be considered intelligent beings and thus should be entitled to the same inalienable rights as humans proportionally to their intel lect. Dolphins exemplify high animal intelligence because of their unique levels of self-awareness and ability to learn and teach each other. For instance, dolphins, like humans, can look at a mirror, recognizeShow MoreRelatedThe Difference Between Animals and Humans Essay1485 Words   |  6 PagesAnimal rights are an important topic to discuss and review. The trouble is the vast diversity of how people see humans and animals and how they are different and yet the same. Animals are in every aspect of our lives in how they are utilized to make our lives easier, to sustain us, or as a pet. Unfortunately, the line of animals and humans blurs as the widely known belief that we are a derivation of an animal and we should treat them as we would ourselves. This viewpoint, however, can be taken toRead MoreThe Nature Of Animal Act989 Words   |  4 PagesMacIntyre is right that animals act, meaning that their movements are rational and purposeful. First, I will present the accumulation of MacIntyre’s arguments that dolphins indeed act rationally and purposefully. Secondly, I will propose a counterargument that dolphins have neither explicit language nor conscious thoughts, and therefore do not act. After the presentation of both of these ideas, I will rebut the counterargument as MacIntyre might, and I will conclude that MacIntyre’s argument aboutRead MoreAnimal Rights And The Right Action1305 Words   |  6 Pages Billions of animals are killed by human beings each year. Most of these animals live in filthy, unfavorable conditions and undergo painful procedures before being slaughtered for food or other purposes. The way that these animals are treated would never be considered ethical when applied to humans, even though animals and humans have much in common. Humans should not kill or harm animals purposefully, just as they should not purposefully harm other humans. Based on the theory of utilitarianism-Read MoreAnimal Rights And Utilitarianism1063 Words   |  5 PagesAnimal Rights and Utilitarianism Peter Singer argues, in regard to animal rights, that equal beings with equal interests should be considered equally. Singer makes three claims about equality to support his position; equality is based on equal consideration, speciesism is unjustified, and the ability to feel pain makes one worthy of moral consideration. He believes equal interests deserve equal treatment, and guidelines for having interests concern sentience; the ability to experience suffering.Read MoreHow Speciesism Allows for a Constant Animal Holocaust1473 Words   |  6 Pagesspeak of exploitation, holocaust and slaughter, we think of slavery, the five million Jews killed during the Nazis Holocaust, and the many casualties of war, but these numbers pale and are a minuscule fraction compared to the number of non-human animals that are killed daily as a disposable service and resource for humans; their death is invisible, their horror silent. The same facts that shock us become acceptable data, a justifiable com modity of modern living. These anthropocentric sets of moralRead MoreThe Pigs Intellectual Exploitation in Animal Farm Essay949 Words   |  4 PagesThe Pigs Intellectual Exploitation in Animal Farm An author often writes a novel as a warning to mankind. In Animal Farm, George Orwell creates a world of animals that allegorically represent man. The intelligent pigs take advantage of the uneducated lower animals and take control of the farm. By showing the steady increase of the pigs intellectual exploitation of the lower animals, Orwell warns the reader of the importance of an education. Immediately after the revolution, theRead MoreThe Undead Gourmet Summary1156 Words   |  5 Pageshis argument in four stages; â€Å"The Right To Bear Arms Against Zombies(pg. 1), What If Zombies Used Their Brains(pg. 2), Love Your Zombie Neighbor(pg. 3), and Zombie Rights†(pg. 4).Some great arguments are made in this article, but diving deeper into some of these arguments will decide if â€Å"is it okay to kill a zombie just because it wants to eat you?†(pg. 1). Riley explains in â€Å"The Right To Bear Arms Against Zombies†(pg1), that a zombies show no human-level intelligence, can’t use tools, have languageRead MoreOrwell s Animal Farm, By George Orwell856 Words   |  4 PagesStultifying to self-delusion In novel â€Å"Animal Farm† by George Orwell, he mentions the animals in the farm they all have the vision of freedom after Old Major’s prediction. They rebilled against the farmers and after their victory they tasted the revolution. The farm was renamed â€Å"Animal Farm† and made the constitution of the manor – â€Å"the seven commandments.† Soon there is a split on the revolution between the pigs, Snowball was declared as an enemies of the revolution. Since then Napoleon and SquealerRead MoreEssay Peter Singer Arguement That We are Speciesist 1126 Words   |  5 Pagesattitude of bias in favor of the interests of members of one’s own species and against those of members of other species† (Singer, Animal Liberation, p. 6). The rationale for the preferential treatment encapsulated in this definition is simply the fact that those receiving the preferred treatment belong to the same species, and not on the basis of any grounds of highe r intelligence or other attributes. Singer ensures that the reader can easily relate to this concept by drawing parallels between it, racismRead MoreAnimal Liberation, By Peter Singer1302 Words   |  6 Pagesyears, the public has be more aware of the animal liberation movement. This movement opposes factory farming and animal experimentation; the movement demanding animal equality. The animal liberation movement demands for the people to expand their moral capabilities, to recognize that animals should be treated as equals. However, it is hard for one to recognize that the moral inequality until it is forcibly pointed out to them. Peter Singer, author of Animal Liberation, has written about various ethical

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Slavery And The Underground Railroad - 1520 Words

Slavery was a horrific action that took place for hundreds of years., The Underground Railroad was a way to escape this atrocity. The Underground Railroad was not an actual railroad that was underground, but instead a system of homes and places that would house runaway slaves and help them to escape to the North. The Underground Railroad was a dangerous thing, but had the great reward of, freedom for slaves, if theyyou successfully completed the challenge. It took great courage and bravery to take the chance to run away and become free. Many people would try to harm the runaways and would do anything to send them back to the slavery they wanted to escape from. Even with all these challenges the slaves found it worth the risk for the freedom, and many have told their stories of hardships and hope of freedom. The Underground Railroad did no t always have a name, it was just a process, sometimes organized into a network but most of the time not, in which slaves escaped north to the free states. The free states were the north, because the Ssouth still believed in slavery while the Nnorth wanted to end it. The term The Underground Railroad was used by George Washington in the 1780s but didn t pick up until the 1830s. â€Å"... it was common by the mid-1840s to speak and write of the Underground Railroad as a clandestine system for runaway slaves.† (Blight).† The people who helped in the Underground Railroad were called conductors. Most of the conductors were escaped slaves thatShow MoreRelatedSlavery And The Underground Railroad2071 Words   |  9 Pagesfar as I am concerned he is justified to resort to whatever methods necessary to bring about his liberty†¦Ã¢â‚¬  -Malcolm X, Oxford Union Debate, Dec. 3, 1964 To seek freedom, slaves utilized the Underground Railroad system and to plan their escapes they used secret forms of communication. The Underground Railroad was formed as an advantage to help slaves escape and find a life of freedom. In the 1800s, African Americans made up a large percentage of the population in the American South. They had to liveRead MoreSlavery And The Underground Railroad853 Words   |  4 Pagesworked to undermine slavery. People tried to undermine slavery by taking slaves the north using the underground railroad. Another way they helped slavery was to make newspapers and make speeches to the people about slaves. People also tried to write bills and pass laws to undermine slavery. Black and white people in the U.S. worked to undermine slavery by building the underground Railroad to help people escape from slavery to the North and to Canada. The underground Railroad was not run by one individualRead More The Underground Railroad: Escaping Slavery Essays818 Words   |  4 Pages The Underground Railroad was what many slaves used to escape slavery. It was not an actual railroad, although it could easily be compared to one. It was a route, with safe houses and many other hiding spots for the slaves to use. The paths had conductors telling you where to go and people who would drive you to the next safe house. You had to be quick, you had to be strong, and you had to be very courageous. The Underground Railroad led all the way to Canada. There were many people helping the slavesRead MoreThe Underground Railroad : A Successful Way For Slavery Essay1813 Words   |  8 PagesFrom 1800-1865, 100,000 slaves escaped from the Underground Railroad due to the harsh conditions they faced throughout their lives. The underground railroad was a successful way for many former slaves to become free. The underground railroad was not actually a railroad. It consisted of secret routes, safe houses, and other locations. The escaped slaves would hide out in churches, houses, barns and other places that had extra rooms for hiding. These locations were provided by the freed African AmericansRead MoreThe Underground Railroad : The Secret System Of Escape During Slavery1107 Words   |  5 Pages The Underground Railroad The Underground Railroad is one of the most historical national monuments around the world. The term underground railroad was used to describe a network of meeting places, secret passageways, and safe houses used by the African slaves to escape the slave states and travel to the northern states, such as Canada (â€Å"Underground Railroad Where History†) . The Underground Railroad also had many prominent figures including Harriet Tubman, John Fairfield, and Levi Coffin (â€Å"PeopleRead More The Underground Railroad and Iowa: On the Road from Slavery to Freedom2235 Words   |  9 PagesThe Underground Railroad and Iowa: On the Road from Slavery to Freedom â€Å"I looked at my hands to see if I was the same person†¦ There was such a glory over everything. The sun came up like gold through the trees, and I felt like I was in Heaven.† Harriet Tubman uttered these words when she arrived in Pennsylvania, a free woman at last (National Geographic). Years later, when talking about the reasons she ran away, Ms. Tubman would state, â€Å"[There are] two things I [have] a right to and theseRead MoreSlavery And The Underground Railroad And Martin Luther King Jr.911 Words   |  4 Pages Slavery has and always will be considered an intolerable and inhumane part of our history. We all have some knowledge about slavery; some maybe more than others. I’m sure we all remember as a child learning about the Underground Railroad and Martin Luther King Jr. during Black History Month in February. When you read â€Å"Africans in America: Judgment Day–Part 4: 1831 – 1865†, it will shed light on several historical e vents that you might not be aware of. The information obtained in this article willRead MoreThe Underground Railroad s Working Against Slavery During The Civil War2260 Words   |  10 PagesResisting Slavery October 27, 2014 Cutler Quirante Dr. Gwinyai P. Muzorewa â€Æ' Abstract The author will investigate the Underground Railroad’s work to resist against slavery during the Civil War. The author will collaborate on the dealings of people who were leaders of the Underground Railroad, U.S. political stance on slavery, and the actions that were carried out for the cause of freedom. The authors main focus of the paper will be centered on operations of the Underground Railroad, members involvedRead MoreUnderground Railroad Essay Outline1333 Words   |  6 PagesTHE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD 1 The Underground Railroad Raymond Allen Setlock West Catholic High School THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD 2 Our country’s history had its good times and also its bad times. One of our bad times in our country’s history was the time when the United States allowed slavery to takeRead MoreThe Underground Railroad1073 Words   |  5 Pagesâ€Å"A national benefit.† said John C. Calhoun about the evil act known as, slavery (â€Å"The History of the United States). However the world was not completely full of ignorance even though it is shown here. â€Å"Whenever I hear anyone arguing for slavery, I feel a strong impulse to see it tried on him personally,† said by Abraham Lincoln. (â€Å"Quotes About Slavery†) No one had experienced anything other than a world with slavery, and were not for having a change like this occur and change many people’s lives

Market Research Free Essays

Bilkent University Faculty of Business Administration Spring 2012-2013 MAN 312 Quiz 1-SOLUTIONS 1. A tile manufacturer has supplied the following data: Answer a and b. [pic] a. We will write a custom essay sample on Market Research or any similar topic only for you Order Now What is the company’s contribution margin ratio? 1,128,000-456,000-156,000=516,000/1,128,000= %45. 74 b. What is the company’s marfin of safety in %? BE Sales= (320,000+96,000)/%45. 74= 909,488$ Margin of Safety= (1,128,000-909,488)/1,128,000=%19. 37 2. City Corporation produces and sells a single product. Data concerning that product appear below: pic] Fixed expenses are $110,000 per month. The company is currently selling 1,000 units per month. Required: Management is considering using a new component that would increase the unit variable cost by $56. Since the new component would improve the company’s product, the marketing manager predicts that monthly sales would increase by 500 units. What should be the overall effect on the company’s monthly net operating income of this change if fixed expenses are unaffected? Use Incremental Approach. Show your work! Selling Price= 190$ Variable Expense/unit= 38+56=94$ Unit CM= 190-94=96$ Present CM = 152,000 (152*1,000) Expected CM = 144,000 (96*1,500) Decrease in CM = (8,000) No change in FC = – Decrease in NOI = (8,000) Bilkent University Faculty of Business Administration Spring 2012-2013 MAN 312 Quiz 1 1. A tile manufacturer has supplied the following data: Answer a and b. [pic] a. What is the company’s unit contribution margin? 1,128,000-456,000-156,000=516,000/240,000= 2. 15$/unit b. What is the company’s marfin of safety in terms of quantity? BE Sales Quantity= (320,000+96,000)/2. 15= 193,488 units Margin of Safety= 240,000-193,488=46,512 units 2. City Corporation produces and sells a single product. Data concerning that product appear below: [pic] Fixed expenses are $110,000 per month. The company is currently selling 1,000 units per month. Required: Management is considering using a new production technique that would decrease the unit variable cost by $16, but increase the fixed costs by $48,000. However, the marketing manager predicts that monthly sales would increase by 500 units. What should be the overall effect on the company’s monthly net operating income of these changes? Use Incremental Approach. Show your work! Selling Price= 190$ Variable Expense/unit= 38-16=22$ Unit CM= 190-22=168$ Present CM = 152,000 (152*1,000) Expected CM = 252,000 (168*1,500) Increase in CM = 100,000 Increase in FC = (48,000) Increase in NOI = 52,000 How to cite Market Research, Essays

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Problem Essays - Honda, Hatchbacks, Subcompact Cars, Compact Cars

Problem The problem with the Honda Motor Company is the issue of whether or not to integrate two very different cultures, American and Japanese. In order for Honda to be competitive and successful in the global market, the Japanese division needs to adjust their current management style. If they should decide to model their operations after their successful American division, they will face many conflicting cultural differences that will make the transition difficult. By adopting some of the American business culture into their business operations, the Japanese division will once again become successful. Factors of the Case-Analysis The Honda Motor Company has come to the realization that it can no longer try to operate in a fully democratic manner in relation to its increase in size. This became apparent to them when their sales dropped from a third place tie with Mitsubishi to a fourth place finish behind their competitors in the Japanese market. In comparison with that, the United States operations of Honda began showing positive sales increases and had moved into the fourth position in the market, behind the Big Three U.S. automakers. Honda of Japan must develop a strategy that will enable to begin selling more cars. This plan must take into account Honda's competitors, it must reconcile the different management styles of its two divisions, and ultimately it must increase the profits of the company. The different management styles of the divisions must be addressed in any action plan. The U.S. division has shown a new flexibility in responding to changing markets. This came from its shift to a policy of localization. This was a four-part process involving products, production, profits, and management. The management worked hard to blend the rapid decision making style of the traditional American corporation with the democratic management style of the Japanese corporation. The end result was structured around a team concept where all members of the team shared tasks. Management was expected to learn both cultures with the basic concept of reinvesting profits not only in the plant, but also into the community and society. Honda of America was successful in its blending of management styles. The question is whether or not the Japanese division will be able to handle these changes, or whether they should even attempt them? Alternative Solutions The first solution that Honda of Japan may want to try is to take the successful American/ Japanese blending present in the American division and transplant that success to Japan. By being able to make more rapid decisions, Honda of Japan will be able to react more swiftly to the changing markets, and ultimately sell more automobiles. The different management styles that are present in the two divisions would be brought into line. This would cut back on communication and cultural problems between divisions, and would allow for the two to trade successful programs across the Pacific. The only question is whether or not the Japanese division would be able to accept these changes. In the end, it is clear that they will. The bottom line is profits, and to increase profits Honda needs to sell more cars. The Japanese division is losing ground in sales, and it needs something to jumpstart change. Honda of America showed that the blended style could work. Another solution would be to leave the Honda of Japan division alone. Instead of bringing in a blended style of management, allow it to focus on what it always has done, and find Japanese ways to get competitive again. With an increased focus on research and development, and a renewed sense of national pride, Honda may be able to recover on its own. There would be no disruption when two different cultures were thrown together in the offices of Honda. Evaluation and Choice If the two management styles were blended, Honda of Japan would find itself better poised to recover lost sales in the marketplace. Management would be swift to react to important decisions for the company. In addition, both Honda of America and Honda of Japan would find themselves better able to communicate. With similar styles, strategies could be more easily shared and implemented. Leaving Honda of Japan alone would rely on Japanese management to come up with plans to sell more cars. However,